C Flight Starter Duties


Starting in 2014 season all K & C members will use the Yellow Tees, young & old members.  It is ok to have more than one team in the queue, ready status, lined-up behind the team starting, but not if an assigned team can still make their starting position.  (i.e. assigned team 1 is teeing off, assigned team 2 is ready behind them, assigned team 4 wants to move into the next position as all team members are ready.  NO.  No more teams can be assigned into the queue until assigned ready team 2 is in the tee off position, then an only then can the next assigned teams enter the queue.)


The primary duty of the assigned Starters is to keep the teams moving (see below “Ready Golf”) according to the assigned starting sequence.  Keep in mind that the Bowie Club Starter will allow us to begin playing as early as possible, especially in the spring and fall of the year, which could be as early as 4:30pm. 


Once the Duty C-flight Starter begins assigning teams he is in complete control.  The schedule contains the assigned Starters for the year and every team, depending on the number of teams,(20 + teams), has only 1 Starter assignment for the year.  However, you may be assigned one of the position rounds depending on your team standing for the playoff rounds.


Teams (Matches) that are “READY” will be assigned according to the weekly schedule.  READY is defined as all four members standing in the area of the Starter “ready to play”, being in the parking lot is not a ready status. 


Only the team “teeing off” and the next assigned team have “on the tee status”.  The next “ready” team, according to the assigned schedule, cannot be moved to “tee status” until the team that is teeing off is completed.  Once a team has been assigned “tee status” the Pope is the only one to prevent them from teeing off next.


Once the Duty Starter takes control he is entirely in control and the starting times are only for C flight players.  The only way an outsider match or even a K flight match can be worked into the “on deck” status is if no C flight matches, that are yet to be scheduled, are NOT in “ready” status.  Simply stated, it’s C flight starting times.


The Starter is also responsible for making sure at least one person from the 1st flight has the “closest to the pin” marker.  The secondary duty is collecting $2 for the winner of this honor (bragging rights).  It is not necessary that all participate, but you will be charged to see that those that do not pay do not partake of the beer in the clubhouse.



Simple rules which we will modify as we go.  However this duty is important because of the number of teams in our C flight.  Remember the Starter is in charge. “You are in charge” so have some fun with the duty.


Ready Golf

Ready golf should be the name of the game. If you are not away on the fairway or rough and the player who is away is still a long way from his ball, please take your shot without waiting as long as another player is there to watch your shot in case you don't see where the ball went.

On the putting green, please walk to your ball (without walking in someone's line) when you get to the green and be ready to putt when it is your turn. Second makeable putts should be finished if you don't have to stand in someone's line.

Mark the scores at the Tee box of the next hole so the next foursome can play.

Please don't spend too much time (over 2 minutes), looking for a lost ball. Remember you're holding up all the teams behind you. If everyone tries to keep up with the team in front of them we will all arrive at the 19th hole at a reasonable time.

Try to get a substitute early if you know you can’t make a match and let your partner know who it is. Please call your partner or the golf course (301-262-8141) if you’re going to be late for your T-time.

Please notify the team you are scheduled play if your team cannot make the scheduled tee time.