2017 Y (York) LEAGUE Rules


1.     Golf league starts Thursday, March 30, 2017.  Games should be played on the designate day of Thursday, unless teams schedule another date within the week.

2.     The YORK fee for regular members is $20.00 and the fee for subs is $4.00.   PAY UP.


3.     The cost to play 18 holes at Bowie Golf Club is $23 to walk and $32 to ride for 18 holes, which 9 can be played in the morning and 9 of the evening.  If you are only playing 9 holes of the morning then the walk/ride rate is $13/$20. 


4.      There are 20 teams in the league playing a 20  team schedule.

Teams are divided into YORK ONE and YORK TWO.

There is no first half or second half format.  It is all one season, with a 9 hole playoffs at the end.


5.     TEE TIMES:  Bowie Golf Club allows tee times to be made up to 30 days in advance.  One member of the scheduled foursome shall visit or call the club office in advance of a match to schedule a tee time.  (if a second tee time is needed for another match on the same day, a different member must arrange for this.) The Commissioner, President, Treasure has a 8:02AM standing start time.  If you're playing this person then 8:02AM is your Tee Time.


6.     It is extremely important that all golfers arrive at the clubhouse and pay the necessary fees and be ready to play at least 20 minutes before their scheduled tee time.  Being late is not fair to the other members.


7.     FORFEIT:  A team forfeits when either member of a team does not show up for a scheduled match without notifying their opponents in advance.  Points received for a forfeit will be 24 for the team represented. A -26 for the Forfeiting team.


8.     One member may represent a team. A partner playing a hole alone plays for team points.  A late player may join in on any hole but cannot make up for missed holes.  SEE Rule “F” below.


9.     At no time may one or two subs represent a team in a scheduled match, unless approved by the YORK Golf Commissioner.  (Usually, when one is filling in for a member on a long absence.)


10.  One player from each team must attest to all scorecards, in the match with legible signatures and TEAM NUMBERS.  Record players LAST NAMES,FIRST NAMES on card.  Remember the Low HDCP of team A plays the Low HDCP of team B, thus the High HDCPs  of each team play one another.  Please date your cards and turn in to the league secretary ASAP.  Actual scores shall be recorded and totaled on the scorecard.  The Golf Software system will make adjustments and calculate points, handicap, etc….


11.  There are plenty of substitutes available, please call on them when needed.  Also, avoid matching cards:  Get a sub or reschedule the match.  SEE Rule “E” below.


12.  STOP SLOW PLAY:  For everyone’s sake, don’t delay the game and the play of others.  Everyone needs to make sure their foursome does not cause slow play.  Players should pickup after 3 over par if the winners have been determined.  Record scores on the next hole.


13.  Play the ball where it lies if you are entering the score into the PGA system.  (Except in fairway, see Rule 1 below.  If ball is picked up on the green, it must be marked.  (Penalty – loss of hole.)


14.  Only authorized subs are permitted to play in YORK golf league matches.  Anyone wishing to be a sub, shall request this to the YORK Golf Commissioner for approval.





1.     CLEANING RULE:  The ball may be lifted and cleaned, without penalty, and/or placed within not more than one club length of where it originally lay, but not nearer the hole.  This rule applies to Fairways only.  If all parties agree you may employ a root rule.


2.     LOST BALL:  Not more than two (2) minutes are allowed to search for a lost ball.  If a ball is deemed lost (except in water hazards), take a one stroke penalty and drop a ball nearest where ball is lost, but not nearer the hole.




A.    When matches are unable to be played on the scheduled date, they should be rescheduled as soon thereafter as possible (or in advance.)


B.    If both members of a team cannot make a scheduled match, it is their responsibility to notify the opposing team and reschedule their round.


C.    Due to vacations, sickness, or other circumstances, teams wishing to play their matches ahead of the scheduled date or playing make-up matches, should turn their cards into the secretary with the date match played and the scheduled date noted.  The handicaps to be used are the handicaps in effect at the time of play.


D.    MATCHING CARDS:  This is an option teams may use for missed matches (rarely used).  Matching scorecards is discouraged, and this rule is to be used only for extenuating circumstances and with the advance agreement of all parties concerned.  Matching cards are valid only when opposing teams play at the same time, on the same nine (9) holes in a league match.  A single team may only match one card/one team per round, i.e., no team can match more than one team per round.  (Any questions see the Commissioner or Secretary.) 


E.     In order for a team to compete/qualify for prize monies, it cannot have more than three match cards in a season.  Therefore, it is most important to play all matches.  It is very unfair to the opposing teams not to make an effort to make up matches at another date or to use a sub to get all matches completed.


F.     PLAYING ALONE:  Teams playing with only one member is discouraged.  There are plenty of subs, please use them.  For a team to compete/qualify for prize money, no one team member can play more than two matches alone for the season.  It is most unfair to opposing teams to play matches alone, teams need to make an effort to reschedule matches or to use subs to get all matches completed.  I.E., Each team member is limited to playing alone a maximum of two matches a season.


G.    As described above:  A match can be played with both team members, one team member with a sub, or one team member alone.  At no time may one or two subs represent a team in a match, (Unless otherwise approved by the Golf Commissioner, usually when a sub is replacing a member on a long absence.)  YORK subs must be approved by the YORK Commissioner to play in YORK golf league matches.